Know thy self: Living in your most powerful mindset


You will be lead through an unforgettable experience of finding stability and balance through applying universal wisdom. You will be guided in uncovering your emotional chokeholds, eliminating the self-limiting beliefs that sabotage your success, and building the daily rituals that develop a strong, positive mindset. Topics to be covered: Morning rituals, overcoming fear, meditation, the power of question thinking, and emotional intelligence (EI or EQ).

the well spoken leader: how to master your message


Become a powerful and natural communicator. In this series, Kamille teaches leaders, teams, and everyone in between how to develop your authentic voice, effectively deliver your message in any conversation, and master the art of non-verbal communication. Topics to be covered include: Public speaking, networking v developing relationships, powerful storytelling, persuasive presentations, and how to have difficult conversations with kindness. 

life by your design: setting goals that create your ultimate life


This is where you (and your team) discover clarity on your life's purpose and how to use your strengths to achieve wild success. Beyond the basics of goal setting, these workshops dig deeper into the behavioral patterns that have become "breadcrumb clues" into your life's mission. What is your purpose? What are you truly meant to do? How can you do what you enjoy and achieve great financial success? By learning the steps of "Life by Your Design," you will become a stronger decision maker, a more creative problem solver, and develop a plan for wealth that inspires you daily. Topics to be covered: Discovering your life's purpose, smart goal setting, knowing your strengths, the DISC assessment, the art of execution, eliminating excuses, and wealth creation.

The power of the feminine in business, leadership & love


Learn to harness the radiant energy of the Feminine in harmony with the strong energy of the Masculine to be a more balanced and powerful force in your business, your career, and your intimate relationships. This is a whole new take on embracing your Divine Feminine. Topics to be covered include: your workplace as a sacred space, the power of feminine leadership, love + dating, health + body, family+community, and mother+daughter relationships.