Founder & CEO of The Ultimate LYFE
Transformational Speaker | Peak Performance Coach

Born and raised in LA, Kamille Rose Soler graduated from UC Berkeley with a double degree in Psychology and Mass Communications. She empowers women and men alike by helping them break through their deepest fears, unleashing their ultimate genius, and creating a community of happy and fulfilled high achievers. Kamille expands her research on human peak performance through Tony Robbins' Mastery University, The World Class Speakers Alliance, and her travels around the world speaking and empowering communities of various cultures.

Kamille's work has been as varied and passionate as her love for people. She has worked as an actress in independent film, been on the production team for CNN news documentaries in Washington DC, consulted for nonprofits, startup founders, Film/TV creatives and small to medium businesses both nationally and internationally. In 2014, she co-founded a collaborative workspace for positive social change entrepreneurs based in Southern CA where she teaches workshops on self-development and continues to consult on brand strategy, company culture, and leadership communication.

She is passionate about entrepreneurship, personal growth, women's empowerment, and dancing wildly in her car at stoplights.