[VIP] WEBINAR: "Understanding Masculine and Feminine Energies"


[VIP] WEBINAR: "Understanding Masculine and Feminine Energies"

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90-minute LIVE webinar with Kamille Rose Soler on understanding the differences between masculine and feminine energies; how to balance your energies; and how to reignite passion/polarity in your intimate relationship.

In this special coaching webinar Kamille will be teaching on the following aspects of Masculine and Feminine energy:

1. Understanding what Masculine and Feminine energy is
2. Knowing your core energy
3. Understanding your partner's energy
4. How to balance and strengthen your Masculine and Feminine muscles
5. Action steps you can take to maintain and ignite passion in your relationship

LIVE webinar will take place over Zoom chat on Thursday, 3/29/18 at 5pm PST. 

You will receive a link to register for the webinar after ticket purchase.


*NOTE: If you cannot attend the webinar LIVE, a recording will be sent to you via email for you to keep and watch at anytime. 

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